A brief timeline for $SHARES releases

Q3 2023: Foundations & Launch

  • Platform Development Idea development, team creation & pre-launch preparations

  • Token Launch Introduce the $SHARES token to the market, paired with liquidity on Uniswap V3

  • Community Building Initial efforts to build a strong and engaged community via social media and partnerships

  • Documentation Release Releasing the official documentation for the shares platform, explainin in-depth how our product will work

  • First Application Tease Showing how our app will look as a "preview" mode before full release

  • Full Marketplace Release Open the marketplace for influencers and businesses to create and list their shares

  • Marketing Blitz Amplified marketing campaigns to spread awareness and drive user acquisition

  • IOS and Android launch Launching our application in IOS and Android in order to improve accessibility

  • ERC-20 shares & market release Move from off-chain shares & market to a decentralized ERC-20 platform

  • Platform Features Update Introduce premium features for influencers and businesses to enhance their reach

Q4 2023: Enhancements & Partnerships

  • Platform Integration Collaborate with other off-chain platforms for seamless cross-platform functionalities

  • Feedback Loop Gather and incorporate user feedback for platform improvements

  • Educational Initiatives Host webinars, workshops, and create content to educate users on maximizing their experience on the platform

  • Regional Expansions Tailor platform features for different regions and cultures, enabling global reach

  • Diversified Revenue Streams Explore and initiate new avenues for revenue generation

Q1 2024: Innovations & Future Vision

  • Tech Upgrades Implement advanced technological features to further enhance user experience and platform efficiency

  • Platform 2.0 Release Launch an updated version of the platform with integrated features from feedback over the year

  • Sustainability Efforts Introduce eco-friendly initiatives and aim to offset platform's carbon footprint

  • Community Council Establish a council of active community members to provide direct feedback and influence platform direction

  • Strategic Alliances Build strong partnerships with major industry players to reinforce $SHARES' industry position

  • Continual Improvements Ongoing efforts to refine and adapt the platform according to evolving market needs

This roadmap serves as a strategic guide for the growth and evolution of the $SHARES platform. As with any dynamic project, some aspects might be adapted based on industry changes, community feedback, and unforeseen opportunities or challenges. However, at its core, it represents our commitment to continuous growth, community involvement, and excellence.

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