Revenue Sharing & Generation

Learn about how revenue is shared and generated

Revenue Sharing

A sustainable revenue model is paramount for the prolonged success and growth of the $SHARES platform. Ensuring fairness and transparency, our revenue model is designed to benefit both $SHARES token holders and support the continuous development and promotion of the platform

  • $SHARES Holders (75% of Revenue)

    • As a testament to our commitment to the community, a significant portion of the revenue, amounting to 75%, is directly allocated to $SHARES token holders. This ensures that as the platform grows and prospers, so does the community that believes and invests in it. Revenue distribution to holders will be proportional to their token holdings, and it reinforces the idea that holding $SHARES is not just a stake in the platform but also a share in its success.

  • Platform Development, Maintenance, and Marketing (25% of Revenue)

    • The remaining 25% is strategically reinvested into the platform. This allocation ensures:

      • Team Compensation Rewarding the hard-working team behind $SHARES, ensuring that we continue to attract and retain top talent

      • Maintenance To guarantee a seamless user experience, continuous platform updates, and robust security measures

      • Marketing & Outreach To grow the platform's user base, foster partnerships, and maintain a dominant presence in the industry

Revenue Generation:

While the specific means of revenue will evolve with market needs and opportunities, some primary channels will include:

  • Shares creation fees: A fee is charged in the creation & sale of shares

  • Transaction Fees: A minimal fee on the buying, selling, or trading of shares, ensuring smooth platform operations

  • Premium Features: Opportunities for influencers and businesses to unlock advanced platform features, providing them with enhanced visibility and analytics

  • Partnerships & Collaborations: Forming alliances with other platforms and businesses, creating synergies and additional revenue streams

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