Our product in-depth

1. Creation of Shares

At the heart of the $SHARES platform is the ability for influencers and businesses to create their unique shares

  • Tailored Design: Influencers/businesses can design the functional aspects of their shares. They can choose the total number of shares available and specific functionalities or rights attached to these shares

2. Public Marketplace Dynamics

Once the shares are created, they are introduced to a public marketplace.

  • Listing: Shares are listed with a detailed description, price, royalty, total quantity, and other relevant details

  • Purchase: Interested parties can buy these shares using the ETH deposited in users' accounts

  • Secondary Market: After the initial purchase, shares can be traded, sold, or held, depending on the holder's preferences. This provides liquidity and price discovery for the shares

3. Engagement and Benefits

Holding a share is more than just symbolic ownership. It offers a range of benefits:

  • Exclusive Content & Access: Influencers might provide share owners with exclusive content, behind-the-scenes looks, early access to new releases and to private groups with them

  • Voting Rights: In some instances, especially for businesses, holding shares might grant users the right to vote on specific decisions, just like shareholder voting in traditional stocks

  • Dividends & Rewards: Depending on the structure set by the influencer/business, shares might entitle the holder to periodic dividends or rewards, which could be in the form of content, discounts, or even cryptocurrency

4. Integration with the $SHARES Token

While individual shares represent ownership in specific influencers or businesses, the $SHARES token acts as the universal medium of value within the ecosystem

  • Staking: Beyond the transactional utility, users can stake their $SHARES tokens to earn rewards, gain premium platform features, or get priority access to new share launches

  • Revenue Sharing: The ecosystem is designed to reward $SHARES holders. A part (75%) of the platform's revenue is periodically distributed amongst token holders, proportional to their holdings

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